About Us

We have been computing and generally doing office type work in our trucks out in the field for many years.

We have since taken this field office type work efforts to the next level and we are introducing the Dashboards to Desktops product line up for any vehicle car or truck.  Vehicular Desktop Work Platforms.

We use the Armadillo all the time in our daily efforts.  We would not be without.  Sometimes for computing.  Oftentimes just as a desk, or, just as a place to rest your lunch.  It is nice to have on hand after everything is all said and done.  Looks great too.  Fully functional with safe effective device placements within any vehicle enabling larger easier viewed and safer to operate devices.  Don't text.  Desk.

Hightlights any vehicles interior.  Throws a whole nuther Dimension on the Dashboards.

Hands down or Hands Free'd D2D is many cuts above the competition for your vehicular gadgetorial safety accessability and operabiltiy. 

And the wood grain compliments any vehicle interior!  

Computing or just Desking!  The Armadillo Notext Desk is Good to GO!

We are located at 5073 N.W. 159th Street

Miami Lakes Florida 33014.

If you have any questions reservations illuminations appreciations perceptions, or, just want chat about the connected car trend give us a call or text us to the numbers listed below.  

And we'll throw a slab on the grill fer ya!

Or C'mon over and show us your Ride!


Don Mahaffey Weaver | English | 305-479-0189

Adrian Eugene Badillo | Spanish or Enlish | 786-517-7173


iwantone@dashboardstodesktops email

Haffeyshouse@hotmail.com personal email