Traffic's Detrimental Health Consequences Articles

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Yes, That Traffic Jam Really is Killing You. The

Here’s a cheery thought to ponder as you sit in stop-and-go traffic during the lane closures...  congestion isn’t just making you late.  It’s insidiously harming your health, making you more prone to violence, fracturing your social relationships and sapping your very soul...

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Your Commute is Killing You. Slate.

Long commutes cause obesity, neck pain, loneliness, divorce, stress, and insomnia...

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Is Your Commute Killing You? US News & World Report.

People with long commutes are likely to experience a myriad of health problems, according to a new study...

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Why Your Commute is Bad for You. CNN Health.

Commuting is rarely anyone's favorite time of day, but it can be more than just an inconvenience: All those hours spent in home-work limbo can have physical and mental health implications...

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Commuting's Hidden Cost. NY Times.

Another Swedish study, directed by Erik Hansson of Lund University, surveyed more than 21,000 people ages 18 to 65 and found that the longer they commuted by car, subway or bus, the more health complaints they had. Lengthy commutes were associated with greater degrees of exhaustion, stress, lack of sleep, and days missed from work.

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Long Commutes May be Bad for Health : Study Reuters New York.

Long commutes to work, particularly more than 10 miles, may be hazardous to health and are associated with increased weight, bigger waistlines and poorer heart and lung fitness, according to a new study...

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