What Are You Waiting for?

We waste alot of time jam'd up in traffic. Some more than others, but we ALL suffer the jam.

We Stand Proud for Our Anthem. We Compete Hard During Sports. We Kneel Mercifully in Prayer. 


CELEBRATING FREEDOM FROM THE TRAFFIC JAMS. Mobile productivity anytime and all the time. Surf out the Jam’s with your large screened devices. Handhelds are Hazardous and illegal behind the wheel. Tax Deductible.  Made in America!  Handmade wood and custom.  No plastic mold injected crap neither!

Imprisoned by Traffic? The jam’s giving you the blues? Seems like every day there is another delay?

Did you know that sitting in Traffic day after day over time adversely affects us with many detrimental health consequences? Affecting us both physiologically and psychologically with a laundry list of ailments.

And, as you know, behind the wheel, Handheld usage is hazardous and illegal. But, did you also know that Handheld usage is illegal even when completely stopped and miserably jammed up in Traffic?

There’s Safer, Legal, Productive, Healthier Handheld Alternatives to Traffic’s imprisonment. #D2DriveTheHerd #SurfTheJam #TaxDeductible #TrafficKills #2ndGuessed #StopTheInsanity #ThinkBig #HandHeldsAreHazardous #ThereAreAlternatives #TrafficSux #TranscendTraffic #TextingTakes #WhatAreYouWaitingFor #2ndGuessedDesks #HandHeldsAreillegal 

Click the links below for info about traffics detrimental effects on our health, and, our bank accounts.

104 hrs/yr wasted in traffic news clip with a $2500 Lo$$/yr: 

111 hrs/yr wasted in traffic article with a $1700 Lo$$/yr:

Drivers Spend 8 working days per year stuck in traffic.

Article & video K5 News Seattle & Tacoma are top 20 worst traffic congestion cities in the US.

Tesla Model 3S with 15” screen on dashboard.

2019 Porsche 911 to get digital interior.

Tesla infotainment system upgrade.

Audi A8 has overwhelming amount of Dash tech. 

NAFTA to include LCD screen on dashboard.

Dumbing Down the Commuter : Click the link for info about traffics detrimental effects on our health, and, our bank accounts.

What are college credit hours?

Defining the credit hour.  

What are college credits?

This translates into about three hours of class meeting time per week for a full, sixteen-week, semester.

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